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Psychological cartography is the function of Such & Such: a service provided by social scientists, for social scientists and others. Our mission is to:

  • create
  • develop
  • extend
  • apply

procedures for mapping  the way that people perceive or think about various items or phenomena.

Mapping involves finding how pieces and components are related to one another within a broader picture. Maps summarise the relationships between the items. Moreover, they expose the structure underlying them, the dimensions and oppositions that describe their places in the general scheme. Before the map-making comes the surveying work, another activity where we excell.

Such & Such are leaders in the design and application of theodolite instruments for asking people about various forms of relationships (be these amongst objects or persons), in the most efficient and most appropriate way for the set of items at hand.

The value of these maps is more than academic and aesthetic. They allow individuals as well as items to be described as locations, according to each individual's responses to such items. This involves sophisticated statistical analyses; we have both designed and customised suitable procedures. The data can be self-report, or descriptions of others. Results take the form of:

  • a single reference point for each person, allowing administrators to see everything at a glance; or
  • personal profiles, an elaboration of those points with more detail unpacked, convenient for identifying psychologically-significant peaks and valleys that might be available for choosing and monitoring targeted interventions.